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                                                           USFEU Mission Statement

The Ural State Forest Engineering University (USFEU) was founded in 1930 to meet the great needs of the Ural and West Siberian regions for professionals in forestry and wood-based industries to make contributions to the economic development of the rural regions. Today it has become an educational and research-extensive university. We seek students from across the Ural and Siberian regions and around the nation and the world to educate them, through academic disciplines, internships and social experience, to develop their intellectual, moral, civic, and creative capacities. The aim of this education is the cultivation of broad-minded, well-educated graduates with awareness of sustaining and restoring the long-term health of the biosphere and the well-being of its people in every sphere of human activity. Our primary mission is to promote human and economic local development, global understanding, and advance in professional practice through the expansion of knowledge and its applications in the natural and applied sciences, and the professions.

 USFEU purposes are to: 

  • generate, preserve, disseminate, integrate, and apply knowledge that is valuable to society;
  • educate broadly engaged, inspiring professionals for business and society who solve hard problems that matter;
  • assure high standards for professional performance of graduates;
  • provide advanced educational programs in forestry & environmental studies, forest-based industries, automotive/road construction industries, chemical industries, and tourism;
  • improve the well- being of individuals and communities through integrated programs of teaching, research, and service;
  • engage in collaborative activities with academic, industrial, and agricultural partners in and outside Russia to contribute to community through the shared education, learning, and research programs.

USFEU Vision 

  1. The Ural State Forest Engineering University will advance educational and scientific performance to achieve goals stated in the Ural Federal Okrug development strategic vision 2020.
  2. The Ural State Forest Engineering University will enhance the quality of the teaching and learning environment our undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates to achieve the highest standards of performance in a broad range of research and professional functions and activities to promote economic and societal development of the Ural and West Siberian regions.
  3. We will develop distance learning programs to promote equal access to educational programs for students from distinct territories.
  4. Our Students will have the opportunity to study on shared programs around the world through the innovative technology.
  5. The Ural State Forest Engineering University will be recognized in the nation and abroad for the quality and impact of its research, teaching, and service. Our graduates will advance knowledge in all areas. The University will set the high standard for the creation and dissemination of knowledge in service to local communities, state, and the world.
  6. The Ural State Forest Engineering University will attract a diverse and international faculty and student body, to support research and teaching on global issues, and develop exchange programs and  academic relationships with many countries and regions to advance knowledge and learning at the highest level and to convey the products of its efforts to the world.

     USFEU Supporting Initiatives 2012-2016

To meet these strategic challenges, we will:

1.     Provide faculty, staff, and students with the latest technology tools for leadership in teaching, learning, research, and career development through renovating, updating, equipping, and maintaining classrooms and instructional laboratories with leading-edge learning tools.

2.Promote competitiveness of the Ural State Forest Engineering University to be recognized both in the national and international levels.

Sustainable development for highly motivated faculty and staff, the state-of-the-art infrastructure needed for modern education and research, highest standards of performance in educational, scientific and innovative activities.   

                                                        Core Values

The University's core values support our mission and vision. They are the following:

  • freedom of thought and expression;
  • freedom from any discrimination;
  • respect for cultural diversity;
  • education which enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life;
  • the close inter-relationship between teaching, scholarship, and research;
  • concern for sustainability and the relationship with the environment;
  • the encouragement of career development for all staff;
  • the opportunities for broadening the experience of students and staff through participation in sport, music, dance, and other cultural activities;
  • responsibility for actions and service.


Contact information

Tel. 007/343 254-65-06
Fax.007/343 254-62-25
Rector, Prof. Mekhrentsev A.V.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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