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 Number 1 among Techno Parks in Sverdlovsk region inventory


Foundation: December 20, 2007

 Location:  Research area (shared with the Ural state forest engineering university)

Sibirsky tract 37, Ekaterinburg & Severka area

 Technology area

Severka area, Yekaterinburg

56°52’24.81’’N 60°17’47.05’’E

 Hunting area

Severka area, Yekaterinburg

56°53′43″N 60°17’47.05’’E                                          

 Recreational area

Severka area, Yekaterinburg

56°53′43″N 60°17’47.05’’E

Contact Details: Prof. Dobrachev A., Director

Tel/fax: 007 (343) 261 3538

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website:  www.lestehnopark.ru/

Basic Partner: Ural State Forest Engineering University


The Ural Forest Techno Park (UFTP) is situated in Ekaterinburg city - the heart of the Ural region. The city lies on the geographical border between Europe and Asiain the Middle Urals - lowest position of the Ural mountainous chain. Due to its specific geographical position Ekaterinburg city has significant importance as a major transit point between European and Asian parts of Russia– it’s a gateway between Europe and Asia.

The UFTP comprises two campuses with four interlinked areas: Research, Technology, Hunting and Recreational. They are the mix of well-developed facilities (500m2) with plots for future developing (3,600 m2).   The two campuses are the USFEU campus and the Severka area. The Severka area is situated40 km to the west of Ekaterinburg city centre within easy reach of a motorway. It comprises Technology, Hunting, Recreational, and Research (partly) areas. The most Research area is situated in the USFEU area within easy reach of some major motorways, rail networks and the international and local airports.


The Ural Forest Techno Park came into operation in 2007 and provides 4,100 m2of office, laboratory and manufacturing space as well as business and finance support for its residents.

TheUral ForestTechno Parkis the onlyTechno Park in Russia focusing on forestry and forest-based industries needs. The UFTP provides accommodation suitable for start ups and growing businesses in SME sector. The Park currently hosts over 4 innovative small companies .


The objective for the Park is to reinforce the position of Ural State Forest Engineering University (USFEU) in the Russian and world forest products marketplace and become a global recognized hub for the development of forestry and forest-based technologies.

Our mission is to initiate, promote and support innovation, commercialisation and economic growth through partnerships between local government, academics, forestry and forest-based industries.

The Park offers a unique environment where scientists, technologists and engineers work together to transfer cutting-edge researches into commercial opportunities. The UFTP allows its residents to access the USFEU research facilities, academics to apply their knowledge to solve current problems and graduates to find themselves engaged in hi-tech research and business process at the University.

Academic Links

USFEU is responsible for research, technology transfer, and marketing services such as consultancy and training programmes for forest-based industries.

Tenant companies benefit from the Parks strong links with the USFEU. The Parks is an authoritative source of advice and information regarding graduate recruitment, collaborative research, student placements and internships.

Support for Business Growth

Companies based on the Ural Forest Techno Park can benefit from a range of support activities provided by the USFEU and the local government. The UFTP represents the interests of the knowledge transfer business and forest-based industries and provides an excellent opportunity to discuss and exchange of good practices. The UFTP promotes the growth of new forest-based technologies and businesses by developing the environments supporting innovative companies in the SME sector. The Park residents access to different events supporting the needs of both early stage developing companies and existing organisations.

 The main areas of activity:

-development of new new harvesting and woodworking machinery;

-development of innovative technologies for forest-based industries;

-wooden residential and industrial construction;

-design and development of water purifying techniques;

-production of biofuel and power units on its base;

-design and development advanced polymer-based materials;

-design and development of wood antiseptics and fire-retardants;

-landscape design;

-design and manufacture of small architectural items;

-improvements in logistical processes;

-design and development of innovative technologies for road construction;

-environmental monitoring;

-development of technical documentations for customers;

-retraining staff for chemical and forest-based industries;

-development of marketing strategies.

 Research area

(shared with the Ural state forest engineering university)

Sibirsky tract 37, Ekaterinburg & Severka area

 Research area provides research, laboratory and office facilities

 Technology area

Severka area, Yekaterinburg

56°52’24.81’’N 60°17’47.05’’E

 Technology area is an incubator facility for small, growing companies engaged in innovation forest-based products development to meet needs of community.

 Technology area site plan 

  1. unloading rack
  2. bucking unit
  3. sorter
  4. feeder
  5. sawmilling area
  6. drying area
  7. crushing unit
  8. planning area
  9. carpentry & joinery area
  10. testing laboratory
  11. knee-gantry crane
  12. ExpoCenter(under design)
  13. warehouse
  14. equipment stock
  15. garage-classrooms
  16. fuel stock & filling
  17. administrative offices
  18. boiler house
  19. fuel chips stock
  20. forestry office
  21. round wood manufacturing area
  22. fuel wood manufacturing area

Hunting area

Severka area, Yekaterinburg

56°53′43″N 60°17’47.05’’E

 The hunting area provides26,000 haopportunities for hunting more than 20 animal and bird species without reducing biological productivity of the land and harmful effect on the environment.

 Recreational area

Severka area, Yekaterinburg

56°53′43″N 60°17’47.05’’E

 Conference and meeting facilities

All residents benefit from free access to all the site conferencing and meeting rooms for business meeting and events such as negotiation, product launch, training session. All rooms are equipped with modern conference facilities.

Companies on the Park

  1. «Binom » — design and development of nano-reagents for purifying the drink abd waste water, hydrophobic cements, SME;    
  2. «Inlesteh» — design and development of universal manipulator Forestry skidders, loaders and forestry technologies based on use of them, SME;
  3. «Tenzoskop» — manufacture of equipment testing devices, SME;
  4. «Forestinnovations» — design and construction of wood-based houses, small-sized architectural items, furniture for educational establishments from nursery to higher education levels, SME;
  5. «Sphere»;
  6. Innovation Technological Centre for forest-based industries  – design, development and implementation of scientific findings;
  7. Training centre for forest machinery operators – training professionals;
  8. Environmental safety consulting centre;
  9. «Uralstroyindusty» - design of  development projects in bioenergy for the Ural federal okrug;
  10. Ural educational experimental forest plant.

 For more details visit www.lestehnopark.ru/



Contact information

Tel. 007/343 254-65-06
Fax.007/343 254-62-25
Rector, Prof. Mekhrentsev A.V.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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