Welcome to the USFEU, join the academic mobility!

Structure of the USFEU

     8 institutes and faculties of the USFEU offer a wide choice of degree programs and practical training

  1. Automobile- Transport Institute
  2. Institute of Forest Business
  3. Institute of Forest and Management of Natural Recourses
  4. Institute of Chemistry and Technology
  5. Socio-economic Faculty
  6. Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education
  7. Correspondence Institute
  8. Center of Additional Education

Study programs in English for incoming students

Course taught in English for exchange students



No of credits


Forest Growth Science


W, S





W, S



Technique and Technology in Harvesting


W, S



Forest  Reclamation


W, S



Geographic Information Systems


W, S



Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Woody Vegetations


W, S



Climate Change and Forest Fires


W, S



Ecological Dendrochronology


W, S



Students life at the USFEU

Accommodation, leisure and sports facilities and everyday student’s life

     The students campus in near the study buildings and includes 9 buildings.
     Hostel type rooms with extra accommodation facilities are available as well
     The USFEU has everything necessary for everyday life and other activities: 2 canteens, barroom, University sports centre, Palace of Culture, 2 libraries, Museum of USFEU, the Vigorov Garden of  curative plants, Scientific and educational centre of dendroecology and gardening, the Ural educational and training plant, Ethnocultural centre of Finno-Ugric peoples, the Student theatre of varieties sketches, the Russian folksong choir, Ready-written jolly club “Guys from logging site”, Dancing club, Club of historical fencing, Volunteers league,  Intellectual club “Force of thought”, Students career centre.
     The students participate in different events of cultural life in Ekaterinburg.


     Special information for the foreign students and incoming staff: they are obliged to have medical insurance certificate for the entire stay at the partner’s university abroad.
    The university has a first- aid post in case of disease.All the expenses during the visit at the university are paid  by banking card or cash (Russian roubles).
      It’s easy to reach the centre of Ekaterinburg by the public transport:

  • bus № 1 (Bus-stop “Forest Engineering University – University of Architecture”)
  • bus № 32 (Bus-stop “Forest Engineering University – Central Post office”)
  • bus № 64 (Bus-stop “Forest Engineering University –  Square of 1905”)

     The ticket in public transport costs 28 roubles.
     The ticket in metro costs 32 roubles.
      Average bill in canteen is about 200-250 roubles.

Duration of study periods:

     1-st semester (September- January).  Exams - January.
     2-nd semester (February- June).  Exams - June.


Staff members of the Department of international relations  and external affairs

1. Head of the Department of International relations and external affairs:

 Tarasova Tatiana,  tel .: +7 (343) 262-96-68,  e-mail: icusfeu@gmail.com

2. Leading specialist in provision of organizational and protocol support of international activity:

Aidosov Azamat, tel .: +7 (343) 262-96-68,  e-mail: icusfeu@gmail.com

3. Leading document specialist of the Department of International relations and external affairs:

Nikitina Tatiana, tel .: +7 (343) 262-96-68,  e-mail: icusfeu@gmail.com

The Department of International relations and external affairs is located in the building

№ 1, office 311

For outcoming students

Program of academic mobility Erasmus+  with the Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic.

Erasmus+ - the program of the EU for the supporting of cooperation in the sphere of education, vocational training, sports and youth life.

The USFEU students can study at the Mendel University in Brno during one semester and get a stipend practically covering all the expenses for the study period.

Besides there are the possibilities for academic mobility for the teachers and staff.

The students can choose the disciplines for their study at the receiving university.

Criteria for the participants of the USFEU

  1. The necessary level of education according to the chosen programs
  2. The academic progress (for students and masters)
  3. The plan of scientific or methodical activity (for aspirants and teachers)
  4. The knowledge of foreign language (level B1, as a rule)
  5. Academic experience and achievements